Communications to grow your business

If your target customers are native or highly fluent English speakers, don’t make the mistake of thinking all you need is a ‘native English copywriter’.

Look around at the marketing, advertising, packaging, websites, and apps in your own native language. It was all made by copywriters and art directors with your native language.

There’s a lot of mediocre and a lot of crap, right?

Same in English. Only a small percentage of it is brilliant.

…I wonder why that is… 😉

I create brand languages

Your brand language is the personality your brand communicates with. Verbally and visually.

A strong brand language is not possible for competitors to copy. Your website, your app, your packaging is so ‘you‘ that if (hypothetically) we took your logo away, customers would still know it’s you.

It also digs deep into the motivations and mental barriers of your target customers.

It answers to their needs and concerns; their hopes and dreams.

Is a strong brand language valuable?

A study by Mark and Pearson showed that market value and profit
margin for brands with a strong archetypal identity rose considerably
higher and faster than those without.

Clifford Nass, at Stanford University, found that users respond to
digital interfaces as if they are human. People unconsciously try to
create a coherent picture of a ‘person’. When this coherence isn’t
communicated, trust is eroded.

With my strategic thinking and laser-focused communications, my clients typically 2X their growth and more

I will transform your vision into strategy and communications that:

  • Differentiate you – positioning you as the company to do business with
  • Bring more leads in
  • Nurture and convert more leads
  • Keep your customers on board, and help them buy more
  • Shorten buying cycles (a.k.a. sales cycles)
  • Help you grow in new markets

I’ve helped a finance startup take the market lead with a consumer credit product; a mid-sized b2b technology company win contracts with major telecoms operators; a new marketing agency sign mid-sized retail clients; and much more.


David Ogilvy, the guy Wikipedia calls The Father of Advertising, said this: “Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone else in the world.” And here’s something Drayton said about a piece of my work:

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Brand Writing

A voice that is your brand, that feels like a conversation, gets the reader or viewer nodding to what you have to say. With really effective communication, people just know the thing you need them to know, without a doubt in their pretty heads.

A chunk of that knowing is from the feeling we’ll create around your brand. Another chunk is the strategy behind the words:

From the big picture of why-this-concept, to the smallest why-this-word-here, I’m driven by why-this-will-work.

So what’ll I do?

I’ll create magnetic messaging and a brand language for your product or company.

I’ll start out by defining your brand personality. I’ll uncover your prospects’ needs, objections, mental barriers, hopes and dreams. What motivates and inspires them?

This makes for a strong platform for your plans and strategies; and for values and messaging.

Or to put it another way – your communication will hook people, reel them in, and fry them up for supper.

Then I’ll create the output in the voice of your brand. This is whatever makes sense to achieve the objective –  name for a new product, websites, apps, case studies, press releases, social media, ad campaigns, mini documentaries, explainer videos, guerrilla advertising, PR, packaging, displays, concepts and materials for events and trade shows etc, et cetera.

I also write micro copy – the snippets of text in apps, websites, and technology products that embodies the voice of the product, and helps the user along. Great micro copy can make a huge difference to the user experience.

I have 12 years’ experience as a full-time freelance brand writer and copywriter for ad agencies, and within client companies – working with IoT, Fintech, Telecoms Technology, Cleantech companies, and much other stuff.

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Business Growth Strategy & Making It Happen

In mid-sized companies I can help your team with strategy and making the materials you need. Or I can take the marketing lead – I’m pretty good at getting great work out of creative and marketing teams.

To help with strategy, I’ll ask you and your customers a lot of questions. I spend more time listening than talking, so I can understand the business realities you are facing, and give you solutions that nail it.

For small companies, I am the marketing department. I propose strategy to you; propose a plan of action; and make the materials. I do everything from writing world-class copy, through to directing video, to making simple websites.

The output is whatever will achieve the objective – might be websites, case studies, press releases social media, ad campaigns, mini documentaries, explainer videos, guerrilla advertising, PR, packaging, displays, concepts and materials for events and trade shows.

My skill levels:

  • Strategy: very sharp, depending on the market
  • Concepting: world class (I’m afraid if I boast I’ll tempt fate and lose my touch; so let me add: sometimes it can take a while to come up with the idea. Othertimes it’s quicker. And sometimes concept work is better done working in a team; or with you, the client. See the scrunched-up paper – en route to the idea, there are some of those 🙂
  • Brand Writing and Copywriting: A-list
  • Art direction: world class
  • Design: Ok. But not super-hot.
  • Technical: low-level (I can build simple websites, for example)
  • Critiquing, helping others improve, leading or working in a team: highly effective

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Creative Direction

Creative Direction is the big picture. It’s about steering the vision of your company, so the prospects who are right for you see that you are right for them. It’s about getting the tone and the messaging of your brand right – visually and verbally. It’s also about directing creative and marketing teams.

You don’t need a Creative Director. But if you see the value in making communications that stand out for being interesting and different – while being dead on strategy, you should think about it. It’s great positioning for an innovative company.

Art direction is a part of this – this is about making things communicate visually – it can be the brainwork of thinking up concepts that communicate particular ideas, or it can be about getting the visual tone right.

The words and the visuals work together to communicate. So an art director who can also write copy is a handy human to have around.

These things I do. And I usually work with designers to create the finished product.

It’s good to have a creative director with a good amount of experience in business, so you don’t end up with ‘creative’ solutions that don’t communicate on strategy.

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