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Website or App Interactive Prototype (incl. Core Messaging + UX Copywriting)

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I'm sure you're sold on the idea that your App needs to work great. How about your website?

Your site is a Customer Service Representative serving all your prospects. If you were sending one human out to do that, you'd want them to be good

Your site needs to be the conversation you need to have with your prospects. This impacts the structure of your site, the page layouts, the copy, and the usability.


User personas & key messaging

  • I'll get to know your users, and create persona/s
  • I'll dig to find the key messages they need to hear

User goals & User paths

  • I'll state user goals and user paths
  • This helps keep the site user centric


  • I'll figure out a structure for your site based on your strategic needs (wireframe the main pages for desktop)

Brand / Copywriting & UX Copy (microcopy)

  • I'll create all the messaging, from the hero copy to the snippets of copy that lend the user a helping hand, and encourage them to click particular tabs
  • Brand voice and tone: all messaging, from hero copy to error messages will be in a voice and tone that fits your brand like a glove

Interactive prototype

  • I'll create a visual and typographic hierarchy that helps users achieve their goals. 
  • I'll put it all together in a clickable / interactive prototype 

User testing

  • I'll advise on testing – many things can be done – but simply handing the prototype to a couple of people in your target market is sometimes sufficient
  • I'll make changes that are indicated as needed based on feedback from tests
  • I'll create a mobile version


  • I'll hand the files off to your designer
  • Or you can also ask me to do the design

This process, with a UX copywriter who also has a designer's eye – either me or someone else – doing the first stage, fits the natural need of a website build. Because the whole site – the structure, the pages, the layout, the copy – is based on the conversation you need to have with your prospects. 


Similar process; though the balance of work in writing copy versus structuring the app is likely to be different. 

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