About me – Proptech Marketing – Strategy, Prototypes, Communications, and Content for PropTech and Smart City Projects – Richard Clunan

About me

I'm a hound on a scent for companies that need growth. Strategy. Brand. Performance Marketing. Digital. Content. Creative.

I help startups and other companies grow

I know the full marketing landscape and tools – brand building, strategy, how to expand from early adopters to the majority market, performance marketing, content, copywriting, art and creative direction, design, website build, etc, etc, etc.

For smaller companies I'm a one-man marketing department – doing everything. For mid-sized companies, I can lead the team or play in the team.

I've worked with big brands including Guinness, M&M’s, KitKat, Snickers, UPC, Microsoft, Eason, Smithwick's, through to smaller (and mid-sized) B2B Fintechs, Telecoms, IoT, Augmented Reality, Ecommerce, and a bunch more.

Lean Marketing 

I’m currently writing a book to guide people through the Lean Marketing process. It's aimed mainly at startups. In brief, here's what Lean Marketing is:

1. Start before you start (begin imperfectly.) Move your marketing quickly. And at the same time build the fundamentals so the marketing becomes a finely tuned machine. 

2. You need a compass. Not a roadmap. Your compass is your vision (and mission) statement. The answers to so many questions of direction are in those few short words. Every action is driven by a ‘why’, which feeds a core human need in your team – and makes for inspirational work. Plan; but continually refocus your plan in response to data and other feedback.

3. Build your brand. A brand is a name that represents a particular idea in people’s heads. You need to ‘own’ that space in people’s brains – that's where the value and longevity are. Everything you do should be with the focus of building that idea about your product in people's minds. 

4. Lean marketing is not a bolt-on. Everything you do in marketing should be predicated on your product and its place in the market. You need to continually reshape your product and communicate ‘the fit’ to your tribe (market).

5. Pick ponds and fish. With the tools we have in 2019, there’s so much can be done to put the right (tailored) messages and content in front of the right eyeballs. This is the difference between traction and failure.

6. Make it so it spreads. Break down the wall between product and marketing. The 4 methodologies I identified in my book ‘Lean Marketing for Megastars’ are: product loveability; spreadability features; the spreadable jigsaw; viral content.

7. Grow, Reinvent, Grow, Reinvent. You cannot stand still. You need to continually reshape your product, marketing, and communications, or you’ll be overtaken.