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Brand Building (Your logo is NOT your brand)

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I will create a Brand Positioning and Communications & Marketing Strategy playbook for the specific needs of your company.

I'll create a guide to help you build a strong brand, based on your product, and your market. Items included are listed below.

Where first movers fail or succeed

Let's say you're first to market with a particular technology. From a brand (and success) point of view, you are not necessarily the first mover. The first mover is the company that makes their product synonymous with the solution. 

If another company comes along and does that better than you, they'll wipe you off the map.


You create that success through effective brand building

Your brand is a cluster of neurons in people's heads that you ownThe cluster spells out your brand name. And they represent an Idea. 

When someone needs something connected to that Idea, those neurons light up.

That is, if you've built your brand effectively. 

Building that idea in people's heads, and strengthening its association with your brand name is the most valuable thing you can do for your company. In a sense it needs to be everything your company does. 


This product includes:

  • I'll articulate Your Big Idea (and your vision) 
  • Archetypes of your brand 
  • Principles and Culture
  • Brand Positioning
  • Your brand voice – a verbal guide to voice and tone 
  • Logo 
  • Artwork concepts to inspire your team, so your Big Idea shapes your company (you'll get the concepts in your book – additionally I can make the concepts on canvas if you like)
  • User Personas
  • SWOT analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Communications Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy


If you need something different

I can give you consultancy on an hourly basis.

Or we can change the deliverables. 


How to get started

Purchase this product or call / email me with any questions.

To begin with I'll get to know your company, product, market. I'll need to chat with key people in your company. Then I'll produce the things in the list above. 

+353 87 357 4031 (call or Whatsapp)