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I’ll ‘Nativise’ your English communications

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Here's what I'll do: 

1. I'll make your English copy grammatical

2. I'll 'Nativise' the copy and make it flow

Simply making copy grammatical often results in awkward sounding copy still; and it often still sounds non-native despite being grammatical.

Why is this the case?

English Language that communicates effectively and expressively is made up of phrase snippets tweaked and jigsawed together.

A snippet may be a section of a sentence, or more.

One snippet, one phrase choice, has different grammar to another. It jigsaws to the things around it differently. And it impacts the flow and the tone of the language around it.

The snippets need changing. Not just the grammar.

The process is not linear: Grammar fix. Move to next thing. Change word. Move to next thing. Change grammar. Change word. That's a grammar check only.

The copy almost always needs pulling apart and stitching together in a more thoroughgoing manner.

It's kinda like sculpting.

It can be tricky to see the extent of this need until you see the work I've done and the reasons for it.

3. I'll make the tone of voice right for your brand

4. I'll shake out the clichés

Clichés come in the form of words and phrases as well as the structure of language elements. We’ve seen clichés a trillion times before – so they don’t wake the user's neurons – they're just words that wash over us.

It's super easy to write in clichés. It takes more effort and ability to make more effective language.

5. I'll make the copy read with clarity

For both native and non-native users.

6. I'll give you rationale and comments on the changes I've made

I'll include comments on strategic reasons for changes and suggestions, so you can see why I’ve made the changes I’ve made.

Handy to know the why. And some of the comments might be particularly useful for you if you want to develop your English copywriting skills. You'll be able to analyse your copy through my eyes.

7. I'll give you suggestions beyond the words

As you know, the words put the strategy into action; they work with the visual to express the concept; they are jigsaw pieces that help build a better user experience.

I'm not only about the words – I'm about the the strategy, the concept, the visual, the usable.

You might have people who are strong in these areas – you might not need this work. But since my head has been immersed in communicating the value you bring to your prospects, you might as well have my thoughts on these things also. Use what you choose. Choose what to lose.

I know – you just want something simple...

The thing is, "Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple." –Woody Guthrie.

Genius is a big word.

But we can at least say that making your communications simple and effective, with the right tone of voice for your brand, takes some talent. 


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