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Go-to-Market Strategy

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I'm the founder of this strategy: https://richardclunan.com/B2Bstrategy

This process takes you through 9 clear steps based on best practice methodology to build a Sales & Marketing plan, proven in thousands of B2B successes. 

The tenth step is designing a series of tactics. 

For one startup, I designed a tactics series that transformed it from $100K over 12 months into $750K per week. (Ask me for details.)

Many founders have an ad-hoc approach to marketing. They'll hit on something that 'kinda' works...

But to make it really work, each tactic needs slotting into a series that encourages the buyer along their journey from First Awareness to Onboarding. 

Get that down, and you’ll give your product the best chance of success. 

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Take a clear, coordinated path to your big-picture goals.