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Expo / trade show booth: concept and copy (+ design, optional)

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Interesting concepts at your expo can help get you more attention at your booth – so you get more bang for your buck. Booth space can be a good chunk of cash – it's worth making the most of it. 


option 1: If I know your product already

If I know your product and market (i.e. we've worked together already), pick this option. 


option 2: concept, copy, and layout

This option is for if you have a designer, and you want me to do the work prior to design.

I'll come up with an overarching concept that brings attention to the benefits your product brings, and create copy for your tradeshow booth – laying it out in diagram form for the different surfaces. Then I'll hand this work to your designer


option 3: concept, copy, layout, and design

This option is everything in option 1, plus design. With files ready for print.



Rationale relating to the work samples attached, for Cell

Cell make Steering of Roaming and Security technology for mobile network operators. These concepts and the broader campaign were for an expo / tradeshow. Cell's Smart City product is IoT security. 


The Challenge

When people go abroad, increasingly they are buying local SIMs and using apps on wifi. So mobile network operators’ roaming revenues are stagnating.

(I hardly blame people. And not a planet-threatening problem. But makes a nice creative challenge.)

The Solution

Identify how operators can get subscribers roaming more using Cell technology, and develop a campaign aimed at operators: keep em’ roamin’.

Everything here is my work – from identifying how operators can get subscribers roaming more, instead of buying local SIMs and using wifi – through to the campaign idea and visual and verbal work.

Your Blues Brothers – a Campaign

Cell is strongly identifed with the colour blue. For example, I developed the beer brand BluBru for them.

This campaign references The Blues Brothers song ‘Rawhide’.

Which has the lyrics rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

Here, changed to keep em’ roamin’ roamin’ roamin’

The Cell booth at the event, Blues Brothers themed. The staff dressed as The Blues Brothers.

And Cell host an evening event with a Blues Brothers cover band Your Blues Brothers instead of The Blues Brothers.

With changes to the lyrics to reference roaming:

Keep em’ roamin’, roamin’, roamin’
Though the datastreams are swollen
Keep them roamers roamin’, no-hide...

Linkedin was also tied into all this. And at the event Cell talk about what the technology can do for operators – reinforcing the claims on the billboards.

See the posters in the images here. And notes on each follow:


Re the poster Personalise Roaming

How this keys into the product – and so how Cell sales people can reinforce the claim:

With better data analytics, operators can better understand subscriber preferences, and create tailored packages. For example, when subscribers are roaming they get free or reduced-rate access to content on their favourite app. Or they might get a package for a country they visit frequently.


Re the poster Optimise Roamers' Xperience

How this claim can be reinforced:

The Cell system gives networks greater control on what networks abroad to steer subscribers to. This means they can steer them to different networks according to the quality of signal / 4G in different areas.


Re the poster Onboard the IoT

How this claim can be reinforced in meetings:

Cell is developing a platform to steer IoT devices. There’s a lot of potential revenue for networks in this technology. They know about it – there won’t be any question about this in meetings.


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