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Wireframes + Core Messaging + UX Copywriting

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Your site is a Customer Service Representative serving all your prospects. It needs to be the conversation you need to have with your prospects. This impacts the structure of your site, the page layout, and the copy. 

Copywriting & Wireframe

  • I'll figure out a structure for your site based on your strategic needs (wireframe the main pages for desktop)
  • I'll write the copy, and the UX copy – in a voice and tone that fits your brand like a glove
  • Then I'll hand these things to your UI/UX person or your designer

Generally I bring the wireframes to the first stage and a UX designers take the page layout from there. Stage 1 includes all the main pages but not all the various permutations and not the mobile version.

  • As your UX designer produces the different permutations and the mobile structure, I'll provide any additional copy they need 
  • I'll work with your designer through the process – there might be further developments in the build that will require copy changes 

This process, with a UX copywriter who also has a designer's eye – either me or someone else – doing the first stage, fits the natural need of a website build. Because the whole site – the structure, the pages, the layout, the copy – is based on the conversation you need to have with your prospects. 

See sample stage 1 wireframes I produced for a Proptech here: 



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