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Website Communications + Build. Including Strategies + Funnels + Brand Writing + Microcopy

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What you get with this project:

The deliverables

  • Consultation on strategies and funnels to get customers on board
  • Brand Writing and Microcopy. All the core communication for your website
  • Wireframes for your website – structure and communication to fit your marketing funnels
  • Design and build of a relatively simple presentation site or ecommerce site

Simple websites

Website building tools are now good enough that for a relatively simple website you don't need a technical person. The skillset of marketing strategy, brand writing, and design will bring you much more value. That's the skillset I have. I build presentation sites (site showcasing your product or company) and ecommerce sites.

For more complex website builds

I’ll bring another team member on board for the technical work. 

Samples of my work

See some of the strategy I bring to communications (including websites) in these pdfs:

You might also need (additional)

Creation of the other pieces of communication and marketing you’ll need for your funnels


Maybe you're building a piece of technology that has potential in a number of different markets.

Or maybe one market; but you haven’t yet established how you’ll get customers on board.

To start, which market(s) should you target?

How do you get people in your target market(s) on board?

What should you communicate to your prospects?

How should you structure your website?

How should your website ‘talk’ to your prospects?

How should you build your funnels / what are the threads of communication that’ll turn people who haven’t heard of you into customers? (Your website is of course not the only piece of the jigsaw puzzle.)

It’ll be my task to help you find the solutions.


What we’ll do first

Braindump – I'll ask you about your market(s) and your product. Anything and everything

Competitor analysis – I’ll want to hear about the alternative solutions your prospects are using. Whether that means solutions from direct competitors; or simply other ways your prospects deal with the problem your product solves. Pluses and minuses of those solutions for different markets, comparing to your product.

Research – I’ll find out more about your markets via whatever methods make sense. You might have contacts I can talk to. It’s often helpful if I test drive your product. And I'll get to know your competitors' products


I’ll make and deliver these things

  • Recommendations on market(s) to focus on first (if you don’t already have a firm idea on this)
  • Recommendations on how to communicate with those people. What strategies. What pieces of communication / marketing / advertising. How to get your potential customers into a funnel, and convert them. This will include some alternative ideas to test, to find the most effective solutions
  • How your product might be ‘packaged’ for different markets, if this is relevant. (Not physically packaged – I mean how to appeal to the 'buy it' neurons of people in different markets.)
  • Wireframes for your website with all Brand Writing and Microcopy
  • Logo design and icon design
  • Website design and build – desktop and mobile

These fourth, fifth, and sixth bullet points – the site structure, brand writing, microcopy, and site build – are the most tangible deliverables.

Re the first 3 bullet points above – consultation, ideas, strategies – some of these ideas will be improvements to your existing marketing; others will be new strategies

I recommend writing the messaging and creating the wireframes together, because the structure of your site and the messaging are fundamental to each other. PDF 2 may make that more clear.