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Product / Company Naming. And Logo

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Product or company naming

I'll give you options for your product or company name that will act as a strong base for your brand. Plus analysis on how different names you have listed will contribute to your brand positioning. 

Often it makes sense to have the dotcom of the name. Sometimes there are unregistered diamonds. Other times it makes sense to put budget into purchase of a domain name.

Logo and business card design

I make simple, conceptually strong solutions. This is the basis you need for a strong visual identity. 


The logos in the sample images

BUILDAR is AR for architects and real estate developers. It enables people to visualize digital 3D models of buildings in the real world. The technology uses super-precise GPS to position 3D digital models at 100% size. Hence the 4 placement corners in the logo.

Wordfruit was (the company is no longer operating) a headhunter for copywriters. Pick Wordfruit. Grow Your Business was the strapline I wrote for the company.


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