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The difference between the Simple and Complex options:

– Many physical consumer products would be Simple.

– A technology product that needs to answer to the concerns and objections of a B2B buyer would be complex.

Some products are priced between these two options. Email me to check –


The quality of your Product Pages has a big impact on your conversions.

And they're often the place users land.

We really need to help people buy here.

An effective product page:

  • Focuses on things that appeal to the buyer persona the most
  • Brings out the benefits for the user’s life
  • Deals with objections the buyer might have
  • Has emotional punch
  • Written in natural language
  • Uses 'Power Words'
  • Easy to scan – so people can choose to read the full thing or just pick out bits
  • Optimised for search engines
  • Great images

There are many other buyer psychology principles. I have a head full of them

  • For example, on one store the cotton of a clothing product was particularly soft. Giving users 'the why' often increases conversions. So I researched the weaving process, and how that process makes for softer cotton. With an anecdote on the weaving process and softer cotton, conversions increased by 12%.
  • For another product, I included a two-line anecdote on how the product improves the user's life. The product got 35% more sales.
  • For an SaaS product, I changed the order of features and reworded. With this small change orders increased by $1240 over 1 month. That's almost $15K over 12 months from one small tweak.

That's one list from a trillion others – let me put buyer psychology to work and increase your conversions.

Questions? Contact me.