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Critique & Direction for Your Communications

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This critique and direction can give you great insights to help bring your ecommerce business to the next level.

It's extensive, covering your full site, and your marketing.

If you suspect your store can sell more with better communication and marketing, this is the project you should do. Clients get huge gains from this.

  • I'll assess your site comprehensively and point out tweaks in language, explaining why they can make a difference to your sales, based on your positioning and your buyers' psychology.
  • I'll give you sketches of tweaks for visual and user elements that you can test to increase your conversion rate.
  • I'll make recommendations on the visual aspects of your site – test and increase your conversion rate.
  • There's always a list of other things that come to mind as I'm going over a site – all types of things, from suggestions for products, to features or apps that can help you increase your profits, to new marketing strategies.

I'll have questions about your users and your marketing before I start, and throughout the project, so I can be sure the comments I'm making are on the mark.

If we do this project first, we can deduct the cost from the Brand Language and Magnetic Messaging project.

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