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B2B Email for Megastars

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72 Pre-written B2B Emails


This guide is for B2B salespeople. It’s also handy for CEOs and others who need to draw people into a conversation.

Over the last 12 years or so I’ve helped many salespeople use email to get more quality conversations with good prospects.

This series of email templates is based on that experience.

@ Get meetings with influential people
@ Team up with strategic partners
@ Get ‘YES’ when you offer demos
@ Get referrals
@ Follow-ups that bring in business
@ Lots more

The philosophy behind this is not hard-sell. That’s decades behind the time

It’s about giving prospects value in every communication, and drawing them into a conversation in which they stand to gain, and you do too.

There are two ways these email templates help salespeople, CEOs, and others

1. As replacements for your current emails. Each email template comes with notes on strategy about why it works.

2. You may not be using some of the strategies these emails put to work. Read the accompanying notes, adopt the strategies, and use the associated email templates.