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Position Yourself as a Leading Authority – Ghostwritten Book

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If you’ve written a book in your area of expertise, you’re an authority and a leader. That’s what our culture says.

Capture people’s imaginations with how your expertise can shape our world. And capture the attention of the mainstream media.

The fee includes writing, graphics, and print ready file.

The book will be written by me, under your name.

Printing is extra.


A book is a great addition to an expo / tradeshow stand

It's different, substantial, of real value, and can generate intrigue.

Your prospects can pick it up and flick through for a few seconds – that few seconds with your book in their hands, builds your expert positioning in their minds.

And it's a conversation piece – a conversation that can reinforce your positioning.


Some will flick through super quick. But the book still needs to be well written and the content insightful and valuable

Whatever page someone lands on, flicking through it, they need to be impressed.

And a book that is genuinely good, has much more marketing oomph. Your prospects are much more likely to keep it, use it, and so be reminded continually of your position in the industry.

We can also get copies of the book out to journalists in your niche. Possibly hundreds or more worldwide.


Megastar Books, or another publishing plan

The Megastars brand is good for some types of books and marketing strategies. Other brands are good for other situations and positioning. We’ll talk about that. Whatever will fit best for your situation – that’s what we’ll do.


Stage 1:
– We establish who the target market is. Who needs influencing.
– Focus for the book / ‘the big idea’.
– A structure for the book. This might change as we go, but will give us a plan to move ahead with.
– A marketing plan.

Stage 2:
– Research and writing. I'll interview people in your company, and use other resources. Your feedback and my revisions, chapter by chapter.
– Marketing – most likely from an early stage. For example, we might release material as we go: articles based on each chapter, or videos / mini-documentaries based on each chapter. With this, we get more material and value out of the time put in, and also build expectation and interest in the upcoming book.

Stage 3:
– Publication of your book.
– Marketing and distribution.