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Shopify Customisations

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A comprehensive list of items you could need would be a mile long. Here's a handful of examples – each is one customisation:

  • Product Naming and Copywriting for a Simple Product Page
  • Layout or visual / design change to a page
  • Creating a new product page template
  • Integration of a subscription plan for your customers
  • Add a new product and run an engagement or conversions campaign to see how interested the market is

Feel free to ask me how many customisations / purchase items the things you need will be.

My strengths are in marketing and communications – visual, verbal, and user-focused solutions. I know the Shopify platform well – I build and configure Shopify sites, but some technical things are outside my skill-set. For those things I work with a partner – a highly skilled technical guy.

If you want to buy 5 credits to save €200; but you don't need all five right away, you can use your remaining credits at any time in the future – there's no time limit.

Questions? Contact me.