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Ecommerce Build

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Details of the 3 options below. You can choose a lower option, and then move to the next option – the fee from lower options will be deducted from later options.

You might not need some of the items listed. And you might need items that are not listed. We can switch items.

Basic Build

  • I'll do a basic Build and Configuration of your shopify store / site
  • Theme appropriate to your brand
  • Connect your domain (if you like, the site can be behind a password until you're ready to go public)

Build + Basic Communications

  • Everything in the Basic Build, plus:
  • Logo design
  • Hero copy (the words above the fold – they need to grab the user)
  • Header menu and footer menu
  • Create up to 20 product pages
  • Add product photos (you provide these, organised so I can see which is for which product)
  • I'll tweak text that you provide for product pages, so it sells more effectively – includes product names and descriptions. Or I'll write basic product pages
  • Create collections
  • Add featured products or collections to the homepage

Build + Core Communications

  • Everything in the Basic Communications option, plus:
  • Tweaks to the configuration of your products and your store. (There might be customisations that are not included – it depends what your site needs.)
  • Assessment – which apps will help you run your store more efficiently and increase conversions. Integration of these apps
  • Full copywriting of the text on your product pages. This does not necessarily mean the text will become longer. It does mean it will respond to buyer psychology more effectively. This is hugely important to your conversion rate
  • Contact Form
  • Email Sign up. Integration with your email platform (e.g. mailchimp). Or can be configured simply to collect emails
  • Ideas for an email magnet (what people will get for signing up). If this involves making something for recipients, I can quote separately to make that thing
  • Microcopy for Contact Form and Email Sign up (see the pdf about Brand Language and Magnetic Messaging on the importance of these little snippets of copy)
  • About page
  • Refund policy written and added
  • Blog section added + your first blog post written
  • Submission to Facebook so your products can be featured on your fb page
  • Add messenger support
  • Adding and configuration of affiliate program

Questions? Contact me.