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"A startup is a human institution designed to deliver a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty." Eric Ries

That means the journey you're taking has not been mapped out. You're not a franchise. So you need to find the repeatable, scaleable path.

Even if you have traction with early adopters, that does not mean you have a repeatable, scaleable path – early adopters and later buyers have different psychographics. You'll need to reinvent your approach.

You can only make a true roadmap in retrospect. But you can make a compass.

I'll help you refine your vision. When a vision is done properly many of the answers to the marketing strategy you must take, are in that snippet of text.

I'll help you set goals, and make an agile plan so you can alter your course dependent on the results of each tack you take.

I'll help you pick the ponds with the fish that will bite at different stages of your growth.

I'll help you shape your business and your marketing so it spreads. This is the way to do it in this 21st Century.

The old bolt-on marketing methods do still have some utility – such as funnels – which we'll use, too.

But if we make it so it spreads, you'll have a future-proof business.

The deliverables:

The details of what's needed vary from company to company. We'll talk through your most likely needs.