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Brand Language & Magnetic Messaging

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Your conversation with your users

The words on your site are your conversation with your users. Have the right product, plus a great conversation with someone who 'might' be interested, and you have their credit card.

What you get

  • A voice and tone guide for your brand
  • All the communications on your site in your brand's distinctive voice and tone, with the right buyer psychology woven through
  • Wireframe snippets – sometimes the layout of elements on a page need tweaking – I'll send you diagrams
  • Rationale – I'll explain 'the whys'

Off-site communications can be added as an extra (e.g. emails, tradeshow stand and materials)

The process

I'll dig to find what drives your customers

  • I'll define your User Groups
  • Create User Personas
  • I'll lay out the Objections and Concerns of your users; their emotional blocks; needs and problems; hopes and dreams

And your positioning

I'll lay out:

  • Your Competitive Advantages
  • Competitive Disadvantages
  • Brand Personality, Brand Archetypes, Voice and Tone to fit your brand

Your Brand Voice and Tone Guide, and All your Communications

Laying out communication principles explicitly brings out important buyer psychology that you need to use.

I'll recreate all your communications in your distinctive voice and tone. From the hero copy on your homepage, to your Product pages, through to every item of microcopy on every page of your site.

How this makes a difference to your sales

Two examples:

  • Microcopy is acutely important to the user experience, and your conversions. This is the little snippets of text throughout your site. Effective microcopy motivates users to take action, holds their hand as they’re taking action, and reassures them after they’ve acted. For more info see the pdf above 'Brand Language and Magnetic Messaging'.
  • Your product pages are often landing pages; they're also telling your customers about that thing they're interested in. The right wording here can have a big impact on your sales.

How you'll see the difference in sales and other conversions

We’ll add changes in gradually so you can see the results of different items in your analytics.

In some cases there’ll be more than one version of an item to try. We’ll test the different options to find the highest converting.

Have Questions? Contact me.