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How to Write B2B Marketing Personas

Persona writing – the broad sweep

A persona is a sketch of a segment of your audience. Choose key segments for your business, including people who influence the buying process, Early Adopters if that’s the stage you’re at; Later Adopters if you’re doing preparatory marketing for them. But only choose those you’ll focus on for now. Create more personas when you’re moving to a new segment.

Find your sweet spot customers

What’s the revenue from customers in different segments, and the potential of that segment? Put the figures down on paper. You might find the ones you assumed to be a focus bring you less profit than another segment. Then find the individuals within that segment that you need to talk to – those that use the product, those with the purse strings, and those who influence the buying process.

Talk to them

Message them, then get on the phone. Here’s a sample message series:

Message 1:

Hey Jane,

I hope you’re well.

I’m Jack at Company Name.

I’m reaching out because I’d like to know how you’re getting on with Name of Product. I’d like to see how our marketing, product, and support teams can make Product Name better for you.

Would you have 20 minutes for a call?

You can book a time in my Calendly, or simply reply to this email and we’ll fix a time.

Hope to talk soon.

Best, Jack

Message 2 (3 days later):

Hey Jane

Quick follow up to see if you have 20 minutes to tell me about how you use Name of Product?

My aim is to learn how you and other customers are using the product so we can make it better for you.

If you have a few moments, you can book a time in my Calendly, or we can fix a time on email.

I look forward to talking!

Best, Jack

Message 3 (3–4 days later):

Hey Jane

I know you’re really busy, so just one last email about this – would you have 20 mins to chat about Name of Product?

I’d like to feed back what I learn to our product and marketing teams, so we can make Name of Product better for you.

Here’s my Calendly to book a time – or just let me know on email.

I absolutely understand if you can’t take the time out for this. I really appreciate the fact you’re using Name of Product, and you’re very welcome to reach out to us at any time if we can help out with anything.

All the best, Jack


What to ask on the phone

Question 1. Before the call, research the business, and have a related question or two about what the company does. 

How can this info can help you segment prospects? 


Question 2. Ask about the person's role, responsibilities; their department, size of their team. 

Again, this can help you segment – who is using the product / how do different teams use your product? 


Question 3. Find out goals and KPIs of your customer. 

This info will help you create messaging showing how your product helps achieve their goals. 


Question 4. Find out their pain points and frustrations in the job. 

This'll help with messaging again – showing how your product resolves pain points. 


Question 5. Find out what they achieve with your product. 

Dig a little – you're looking to get to the fundamental value. 


Question 6. Find out what the main benefit is that they get. 

Even if you think you know this, ask. People might point out things you didn't have at the top of the list. This info can also help you segment – different verticals, company sizes, roles may get different benefits.  


Question 7. Ask for the top 3 things they are looking for in a product like yours. 


Question 8. Ask what they were using to achieve this previously, and the pain points of that. 

This'll help you build messaging to encourage others to make that switch. 


Question 10. Ask what triggered them to search out your product. 

This can help you devise strategies to target others when they're at this stage – or trigger others to get them to that stage. 


Question 11. Ask about the buying cycle, and who is involved. 

This might give you new personas to consider, showing you who to target with content and sales – different influencers may need different messaging. 


Question 11. What was their biggest reservation in buying your product. What would stop them from buying. 

Can be v. powerful for your messaging – alleviate people's fears. 


Question 12. Find out where they hang out. 

What blogs or youtubers do they follow. Magazines. Groups on social networks. Real-life groups. You might find places you can promote your product. 


Summarise in a spreadsheet

This will help you segment customers, seeing who says what, and therefore how to target and talk to similar-profile people. 

Here's a spreadsheet you can copy for that


Then fill out the Personas section on KALEIX –––>