David Ogilvy, the guy Wikipedia calls The Father of Advertising, said this:

Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone else in the world.

And here’s something Drayton said about a piece of my work:

But do I have the talent you need…?

…and do you need a copywriter or a sales person…?

A copywriter is a sales person behind a keyboard…or at least they are if their head is screwed on.

…mind those rolling heads.

…Here, I’ll make a guess: you need a writer with a good understanding of psychology and of what drives people to buy – or drives people to go in one direction over another.

I wrote a book about that: Grab ‘em by the vowels – I’d say it’ll give you a good sense that I know what I’m talking about – let me know if you want to flick through it…

…or see the results. Email me if you’d like to see the direct mail letter I wrote that helped a startup company take the lead in a race against the biggest finance institutions on our pretty planet…

Here’s another thing that can make a big difference: voice…

…when your website, and your other advertising and marketing materials, have a distinctive voice – a voice that really talks to people. Then people will feel a sense of ‘character’…they’ll feel they’re getting to know your brand, and they’ll feel comfortable with it. Your brand will be a natural choice for them…

This is where I excel. I love nailing the voice for a brand.

Here’s a note from my client Jim Leszczynski:

“The voice is amazing. I have no idea how you were able to write something that sounds like it came from my mouth. I shared it with a few friends and they too said it was amazing how you captured ‘me’. You certainly have a talent for identifying something and giving it life through words.”

Jim was talking about a bio I wrote for him. Here’s the first line of the bio I wrote for Jim:

I remember when I was about three years old, I’d stick in a floppy disc, and I knew enough command-prompt to get my Mickey Mouse ABC game to launch… To read the bio I wrote for Jim, click this.

Jim is from the U.S. I’m fromt’other side o’ the pond. But I can do any person’s voice, in English. In half a tick, you’ll see a Virginia voice: Lizzie Royal, it is. Lizzie’s a customer of my client AvantCredit, and this thing here was to help show how the fellas at Avant look after their customers:

It’s been kinda rough with work you know – cutting hours, and I needed some money while I catch up. I went online, I found the site and I won’t lie to you – I’m used to disappointment – I really am. So I didn’t expect much… To read the rest, click this liddle link.

Here’re some more voices I built / am building …each page of blether is designed to generate specific feelings and motivations in people:

A snippet of the voice I’m building for RebuildingSociety.

A voice for ConversionPros.

A voice for Costa Rica Packet.

A voice for a rebrand of Woodie’s.

A voice for ITCore.

A voice for Ms Brown, the M&M’s character.

…I think one of the biggest reasons I can do ‘voice’ well, is: I love doing it.

Solid principles of influence + a voice that really talks to people = something really effective.

Here’s another job I did that fits that bill:



My thinking with that campaign was to appeal to our ‘drive to nest’ – our family values; and to the hero within us: be the person who takes care of those things that might just save your child’s life…with the sound of a child’s voice as a powerful motivator.

…a common alternative is a ‘shock-them’ approach. This can work, but it can also feel less relevant to us. I believe the thinking in the postcard here at least equals that approach – maybe beats it.

I guess you’ll be looking for a copywriter who can bring hints of story to your advertising, too…

…because our brains are wired for story. That’s what perks us up. When your product is integral to a story we relate to, we can feel at home with it. It can become a part of our lives.

We don’t need to use recognisable ‘story structure’ in the copy. More importantly, story is about helping people feel ‘realness’. It’s not about lies. We build the story from truths. It’s about showing the people who are right for your business, a path that brings them to this thing that can help them (your product).

I use story in subtle ways, right through my writing.

Have a scoot around my site. See a sense of real in my writing? Stuff you can relate to? Story…?

Another thing you might want is easy-to-read copy, that feels kind of like a conversation…

…because ‘writerly’ stuff is about the words themselves…but you’re not selling words; you’re selling your product.

So here’s something that will get people involved in what you’re saying: we need to make your copy so people feel there’s a person behind the words: someone talking to them through the page or the screen… Bring people this feeling, and they will be open to the messages you want to give them.

Not every person who sells him or herself as a copywriter can bring you that feeling in their writing: the feeling of a conversation. In fact, most can’t.

How are you finding my writing, on that score?

“I was spellbound on how you can ‘talk’ with your words. What an awesome gift you have…”

…that’s what Rosemarie Robertson said about my work…

I’ve nattered on about the psychology of influence, voice, story, conversation…

…but what about how your product helps people?

We need to grab people and show them. Here’s something I bet you wouldn’t be able to ignore if it landed on your doormat. It throws you right into the proof of why the product is good: it doesn’t give ‘doubt’ any opportunity to take hold in your mind.

A job I did for UPC:


“You want to know what a truly world-class, no-excuse, no-BS copywriter ought to be able to do? It’s this: He ought to be able to write an ad that tells how good he is. Hell, if he can’t sell himself, how can you expect him to sell your goods or services.” – Gary Halbert

…you’ve probably seen other copywriters’ web pages – you’ve seen what those people can do with words; or what they can’t do…

Now how about my words – do they show you something…? Did you almost forget you were reading? …so your mind was simply taking in the messages…

If you are thinking Yes, you might want to think: do these words show you this: you’ve found a writer who can bring the minds of your customers to…

…to an idea. To a place. Or to a click you want them to make…

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