rewrite this

When you hire a Highly Capable Copywriter – what are you really getting…?

A real copywriter is a creative sales person behind a keyboard…at least they are if their head is screwed on.

…mind those rolling heads.

…Here, I’ll make a guess: you need a writer with a good understanding of psychology and of what drives people to buy – or drives people to go in one direction over another. Continue reading “”

Don’t need a copywriter?

Ok – but we can be civil to one another still, can’t we?

Let’s have a chat…

Here’s a picture my daughter drew. It’s a Monster Beetle:

It doubles as a portrait of me.

Kids’ pics are great, I think. Adults’ pics just don’t have the same ‘draw’.

…I’m kind of like a kid drawing when I’m working on a copywriting job…or maybe more like a kid blinking up into my first snowflakes: wondering, and imagining… Continue reading “Don’t need a copywriter?”