72 Prewritten B2B Emails

They call me the King of B2B Email 🙂

Over the last 12 years or so I’ve helped many salespeople use email to get more quality conversations with good prospects.

I’ve developed a series of email templates that get more attraction and action from buyers.

@ Get meetings with influential people
@ Team up with strategic partners
@ Get ‘YES’ when you offer demos
@ Get referrals
@ Follow-ups that bring in business
@ Lots more

The philosophy behind this is not hard-sell. That’s decades behind the time.

It’s about giving prospects value in every communication, and drawing them into a conversation in which they stand to gain, and you do too.

There are two ways these email templates help salespeople:

  1. As replacements for your current emails. Each email template comes with notes on strategy about why it works.
  2. You may not be using some of the strategies that these emails put to work. Read the accompanying notes, adopt the strategies, and use the associated email templates.

This guide is for salespeople. It’s also handy for CEOs and others who need to draw people into a conversation.

Here’s a sample email template from the guide:

Notes on that sample email:

Asking for an intro can improve your chances significantly over cold emailing – people are hearing from someone they know.

Make each interaction you have with a prospect valuable for them.

Not just ‘my product will give you tons of value’.

But be educational or in other ways helpful in each interaction.

So you’re somebody they want to hear from.

Start out by giving something. If you don’t have something useful for them, make something – e.g. a white paper that’s genuinely valuable for them and also demonstrates your expertise.

And give your contact an easy-out, so they don’t feel cornered into introducing you or awkward about not doing so.

…on to the other templates – here’s a list of the email templates in the guide:

>> Email potential strategic partners / Scratch each other’s backs [1 template]

>> Email templates to ask someone you know to introduce you to someone they know [2 templates]

>> Follow up after sending white paper [1 template]

>> Connecting two people / Referring someone who can help your client or prospect [5 templates]

>> Get on Person X’s radar [1 template]

>> Reconnect with an old connection [1 template]

>> Prospecting companies in the news [2 templates]

>> After you left a voicemail [1 template]

>> After meeting someone briefly [1 template]

>> Email ahead of a meeting [1 template]

>> Ahead of a meeting, to help you steer the meeting [1 template]

>> Great to meet (not ‘thanks’) [1 template]

>> Follow up to a meeting – and don’t be too quick to recommend [2 template]

>> Invite expertise into a discussion [1 template]

>> Introduce a colleague, to help your prospect [1 template]

>> Move from email to meeting [1 template]

>> Sending info you promised – summarise it [2 templates]

>> Invite to a webinar [3 templates]

>> Webinar feedback [1 template]

>> Trade show follow up 1 [1 template] NOTE TO SELF: ADD SUBJECT LINE

>> Trade show follow up 2 [1 template]

>> Trade show follow up 3 [1 template]

>> Cold email strategy [3 templates]

>> Follow up to unreplied-to cold email [1 template]

>> Alternative cold email [1 template]

>> To warm up a first call [1 template]

>> Offer a call – after you’ve sent white papers or other helpful materials [1 template]

>> Not heard back from your prospect [1 template]

>> Reply to a ‘no’. Get feedback when someone doesn’t go with you [1 template]

>> You’ve been talking to the wrong person, and they’re not keen to pass you to the right person [1 template]

>> Carefully chosen prospects on Linkedin [1 template]

>> Linkedin, after the connect [1 template]

>> Ask prospects how you can help them more… [1 template]

>> Let your prospects and clients in on things before they’re public [1 template]

>> Ask for a meeting at an upcoming tradeshow [2 templates]

>> Response to ‘no’ to a meeting [1 template]

>> After a demo, reinforce with relevant references (e.g. blog) [1 template]

>> Getting back after a few months [1 template]

>> Follow up – is there someone else I should be talking to? [1 template]

>> After you met someone at a networking event (or anywhere) [1 template]

>> For someone you met at a networking event [1 template]

>> After meeting someone, recommend a resource or a tool [1 template]

>> Show them your expertise, then do a call [1 template] NOTE TO SELF: ADD SUBJECT LINE

>> When you’re getting no reply [5 templates]

>> Recontact 12 months after break up [2 templates]

>> After a team meeting, to help ensure things are acted on [1 template]

>> Get a colleague to do something they won’t pull their finger out for [2 templates]

>> Apology email [1 template]

>> Not sure if your product is right for a prospect [1 template]

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These emails and strategies are designed primarily for B2B salespeople. Much of the material is useful in other scenarios; but if you’re not selling B2B, this product may not be right for you. There are no refunds.

This is not an automatic download, so you won’t receive it immediately. I’ll email you it within a day of your transaction. If you need it sooner, email me at richard@richardclunan.com

And if you need any other info before buying the guide, just let me know.